October 25,2015

October 25, 2015


Dear Parents,

Last week was a busy week in First grade.  The first grade was treated to an exciting Bird Show with Ms. Pavlicek from the Burlington  Science Center on Tuesday.  The children learned about the many features of a bird.  One of the first graders was transformed into a bird and some helped by showing the different beaks birds have as well as what type of food the bird would eat.  Ms. Pavlicek brought two live birds with her, Crystal a grey African parrot and Scout a Barred owl.   The children also listened to bird calls and tried to identify the bird by its sound.  This show is always a favorite with the children.

On Thursday,  the first grade went on our first field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo.  The children got to see many animals along with a huge variety of birds.  We visit the zoo to see its many birds and we were lucky to see several peacocks along the walkway. The children were able to see them up close.  The weather was beautiful that day, which made the trip even more enjoyable.  Thank you to Mrs. Doody, Mrs. Matta, and Mrs. Mohamed for chaperoning and making the experience terrific for the children in their care that day.

When we returned  to school we were greeted by Mrs. Johnson, who had received a call from the zoo complimenting her on the children’s wonderful interactions with the zoo attendants and their great behavior.  Mrs. Johnson was so pleased she gave each of the classes certificates for our rooms.  At the end of the day, she highlighted the children by making an announcement about their positive behavior and the call from the zoo.

By now you have received the information regarding our first Vocabulary Parade!!  This will take place on Friday, October 30th.  The children need to have their vocabulary word on their costume and the definition of that word attached as well.  Costumes can be simply made from poster board and pictures.  I know everyone will do a great job and be very creative.  This week I will be sending home a “Party in the Bag” bag.  I am asking that you send in an extra snack in that bag that the children can have on Friday afternoon.  It can be something sweet or salty along with a drink. Thank you.

During recess this week a child lost a jacket.  It is a black North Face jacket with the initials NK on the inside tag.  If your child came home with the wrong jacket could you please send it back to school so we can return the right jacket back to you.  Thanks for your help with this mix up.

This week we begin the next unit in Fundations.  Unit 4 will cover the introduction of bonus letters, f,l,s and sometimes z.  The children will also learn about the first glued sound all.  They will learn the Trick words you, your, I, they, was, one, said.

In Math, we are working on Topic 3 – Five and Ten Relationships.  We are working on representing and recognizing numbers on a ten-frame.  They will find different ways 10 can be split into two parts and find missing parts of 10.

Watch for some pictures to be posted later this week!!

Mrs. Doyle



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